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Lemon Fire Runtz

Lemon Fire Runtz


Lemon Fire OG X Runtz (R)


7 Feminized Seeds


Lemon Fire Runtz is a feminized strain we made when reversing the real Runtz cut to our Lemon Fire Og. We made Lemon Fire Og many years ago when hitting our lemon skunk keeper with our Fire Og bx2 stud. Lemon Fire was a sweet lemon strain but lacked some funky gas and power. Lemon Fire Runtz has much more gas flavor and stronger potency. Lemon Fire Runtz is fairly quick growing in veg, done flowering in 8-9weeks and has a nice stretch that is still manageable. She’s an easy to grow strain and has above average yields. Most phenos have next level bag appeal with heavy trichome production! Terps vary from pheno to pheno but lemon gas being most common but there are also sweet candy zkittlez and candy lemon plants.. Also some straight gas phenos.. If you’re looking for a lemon gas strain to add to the garden, this one will not disappoint! Unfortunately there aren’t many seeds to go around :(


Cliff notes: lemon gas terps, above average yield and quick growth, incredible bag appeal.


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