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Slap Shot

Slap Shot


Smackers x Runtz (R)


9 Feminized Seeds


Slap Shot is a feminized cross where we reversed the real Runtz cut to our Smackerz. Slap Shot was named by zeppyzcraft after he tested the seeds & said she slaps! Just like her momma. We made Smackerz when we pollinated GG# 4 aka Joesys whales original glue with our Rozay stud. The Smackerz pheno we used was found in testers popped by treetroit_city . Some of you might have tried the flower jungleboys jungleboysflorida . Hitting Smackerz w/ Runtz made for a great combination of greasy gas filled flowers, some phenos have those unique Rozay terps. 


Quick growth, 9wk flower, awesome terps, and heavy yields!!


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