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Caked Up Cherries F2

Caked Up Cherries F2


Caked Up Cherries x Caked Up Cherries


Caked Up Cherries = (Wedding Cake x Cherry Cookie F3)


10 Regular Seeds:


A strain for the true heads.. not for the lightweights or beginners.. multiple longtime smokers have said different phenos of the f2 are among the most potent they have ever smoked. Some phenos will absolutely confuse you. They have been tested at 27-29% but there’s some that cut through the fog when you have been smoking all day.. I wouldn’t doubt some of them doing 30-35%. Again, not for light weights. Some phenos will be more squat and heavy yielding like cherry cookie or the caked up cherries cut we released years back aka it’s mother. Many will color up or go black during flush or temp change. Other phenos will be more og looking in structure. Most are heavy yielding and will smell of either gas or cherry gas, cherry gas is more common than straight gas. When I say cherry I don’t mean a sweet cherry perfume, this is a deep cherry funky gas. Hard to describe, but not sweet. Not sweet like our Chilled Cherries cut. There are some really incredible phenos in these caked up cherries f2 packs. Some of the best are done in 70 days, have a manageable stretch, heavy yield, and heavy on the effects. Truly a high medicinal and impressive flower. There are not many to go around unfortunately.


Cliff notes: incredibly potent, quick growth, high yield, heavy cherry gas terps, some will show colors.


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