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Trop Cherry BX1

Trop Cherry BX1



Breeders Notes: In my recent large hunt I went through 130 of these seeds. At the same time I popped 10-12 other trop cherry crosses-including two different backcrosses.
I’m stoked to release this backcross, not only was she the best backcross, but she’s the best trop cherry cross I’ve made.
Most backcrosses are simple preserving the strain.. great for growers that don’t want to run or can’t get clones..
As a breeder, you know you have done your job when the backcross is better than the clone you’re backcrossing into. This is rare.
Such is the case with this trop cherry bx1. I made my bx1 selections and I prob won’t ever use trop cherry clone again. The bx1 is that much better, shockingly better. The bx1 is wayy louder and every bit as if not more colorful. Structure and vigor were both improved as well.