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Colorado Nightshifter V2

Colorado Nightshifter V2


Frozay #94 x Trop Cherry (R)


7 Feminized Seeds


The most colorful and dense strain Reletless has made.  Bred over years on both sides for color and terps, there is a lot of variety in this cross with different hues of purple, pink, red flowers.  The Frozay makes for dense and heavy flowes. All phenos are done flowering in 9 weeks or less and are unusually potent, especially for a purple strain.  This is the V2, the V1 was Frozay 94 reversed to Trop Cherry, this 2nd version is the opposite.  Both were unfortunately very limited in their seeds.  Both were vey similar, but the V2 is slightly Frozay 94 dominant.


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